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Questions & Answers – Entry

Once a Entry submission has been received and processed by the Games (this can take up to 10 days) entrant details are posted to the Team List on the website under Entry.  This confirms the entrant is in the Games.  If your name is not listed contact the Games on 9979 1455

How do I make a change to my Team or Entry?
DO NOT use the Games Online Entry System (GOES)
Before September 21...
Amendments (replacements, additions and withdrawals) may be made by submitting the relevant form online to the Games Office.

After September 25...
Amendments must be made at an Accreditation Centre (during the Games period) at the Amendments Desk  in person. Forms may be downloaded (click the appropriate form under the Organising Your Team tab) or can be completed at the Accreditation Centre on the day. Fees apply please read the form for details. After September 25 there are no refunds.

Replacements cannot be made after your EVENT has started.

Accreditation is the process by which you get your Games ID. NO entrant may compete without a validated Games ID.
Before competing all Entrants must go through the Accreditation Process including signing a Waiver of Liability to receive their validated Games ID. Accreditation CANNOT be done at a Sport Venue Desk.

Accreditation Process
Accreditation is via online when entering the Games at no extra cost.
Entrants will be given 7 days from their Entry Submission date to complete this process. Status of this process is posted under the menu Entry under Team List

If not completed you must come to an Accreditation Centre in person (see below for the locations and times)
Bring a photo (face shot similar to drivers license - to go on the Games ID) and photo ID. This may be done on your day of competition but allow extra time before your start time. It CANNOT be done at a Sport Venue Desk and NOT by a 3rd party.


I haven't received or have lost my Games ID or Accreditation Letter?
The Games has a duplicate at the New Cards Desk at an Accreditation Centre. All you need to do is bring a photo (head shot - to go on the Games ID) and photo ID to prove who you are. All entrants MUST have a valid Games ID. You will not be able to complete without this.

May I use a photocopy for my Games ID photo?
Yes, as long as you are recognizable.

Accreditation Centre Locations & Times

  • Mezzanine room - Sports Halls

    Grand Parade, Sydney Olympic Park
    • October 9 – Friday 4:00pm to 7:00pm
    • October 10 – Saturday 6:00am to 12noon
    • October 11 – Sunday 7:00am to 10:00am

Questions & Answers – Sport

When and how do I find out my competition times?
Draws and start times cannot be determined until all the entries are in and processed.
Draws & Start Times can be downloaded from this website a week before the Games. The Games will do its best to NOT change the Draws however if changes must be made the affected Individual entrants or in the case of team sports the Team Captains will be contacted.

Entrants must be at their sport at least 45mins before their start time!!

What if I go to my Sport without a valid Games ID
You will not be allowed to compete without showing a valid Games ID. You will be asked to go to the Accreditation Centre to get your valid Games ID.

What if it is bad weather?
You should be at your sport venue at your start time regardless of the weather conditions.
If weather affects competition schedule, information will be available on the Games website
See Weather Policy below.

Where is my Sport being played?
Venue locations and maps are available from Sports-Venues-Maps. We also have sport maps for selected sport.

What else would the Games require from me at my sport?
The Games require all entrants to bring personal photo ID in addition to your Games ID to your sport. If you are unable to prove your identity you may be disqualified.

How does grading work?
Competition is not graded. Each pool may contain teams or individuals from all Levels of Play as indicated when entering.

Other Helpful Information

  • Games Seeding - if required, will be available from the Games website.

  • Weather Policy - In the advent of wet weather the Games will make its best effort to provide as close to full and fair competition as possible. This may mean adjustment of schedules, length of matches or cancellation. Funds are spent in advance on the cost of organising the Games, therefore there are no refunds.

  • Games Contact details - or 9979 1455

Important Dates to Remember

Entry Deadline
September 6, 2021 
Amendment Deadline
September 13, 2021

Download Games Forms

The following forms are used to help you organise your team and to make changes after you have submitted your entry.

All Sport Forms
Letter of Consent Form
Games Waiver Form
Credit Card Form