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Awards Party

  • Monday October 9th The Papermilll - 414 Kent St, Sydney
  • Presentation of the Corporate Awards listed below by the Games special guest
  • Cocktail party includes food and beverages, tickets are $60 per person
  • Contact the Games office on or 02 9979 1455 for information

Awards presented

Sport Awards

Winners of each Sport Award are the organisations accumulating the most Games Points in each sport.

Group Awards

The Groups are based on an organisation’s overall team size entered in the Games. Games Points are tallied to determine the winner in each of the Groups. Organisations must be entered in more than one event to qualify.

Medallist Award

This award is presented to the organisation winning the most medal points based on medals won.

Sport for Life Award

The Sport for Life Grand Award is presented to the organisation entering the most participants. It recognises the effort and commitment it takes to organise a large team and the organisation’s contribution to fitness, health, company spirit and morale.

Important Dates to Remember

Guaranteed Entry Deadline
August 24, 2017
Final Entry Deadline
September 7, 2017
Replacement Deadline
September 21, 2017

Credit Card Payment

Payment via Credit Card can be made